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What are your Covid-19 safety measures?

We are putting in place a range of Covid safety measures to ensure students have the most enjoyable - and safe - experience possible with us this summer. These will be continually updated in line with Government guidance.

Covid safety measures include:

    • Social distancing: there will be a maximum of 16 students + 2 tutors per classroom, up to a maximum of 18 people per class. 2m social distancing rules apply in areas parents are waiting. One metre social distancing rule will apply at camps, indoors and outdoors.
    • Testing: confirmation of negative tests within 48 hours at registration each day. We will expect students to complete lateral flow tests (LFTs) twice a week at home, as they would during a school term. Children will be asked to confirm that they, or anyone in their family, are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. Any child who arrives displaying symptoms will not be allowed to stay at camp. All our on-site staff will also complete LFTs every 48 hours.
    • Temperature checks: Children and Tutor’s temperatures will be taken upon arrival using infra-red thermometers.  If temperature is 38 degrees and above the child/tutor will not be able to enter camp day until proof of a PCR test is obtained. The student will be able to learn safely online from home in the meantime.
    • Communication: in the event of a positive test result, we have a communication plan to notify families of actions to take to ensure their child’s safety. We will also notify Local Authorities. 
    • Sanitation: accessible sanitation stations throughout the venue, including at registration, and regular, daily sanitation of all hardware equipment. Regular cleaning will be enforced.  We will have increased cleaning measures throughout the day for areas and equipment. Tutors will ensure that physical contact is kept to a minimum, no high fives, our meet and greet will be an elbow tap. Tutors will promote hygiene messages throughout the day, and ask students to sanitise their hands each time they enter the classroom. There will also be visible signs and posters displayed to remind the children to wash their hands and promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
  • Masks: these will be worn inside at all times outside of the classroom. As we have social distancing in place in classrooms, we will not expect students to wear masks in the classroom itself
  • First aid and training: we will have trained First Aiders on-site at all times. All of our tutors will be carefully trained on our Covid safety protocols.
  • Bubbles: our age groups will form a ‘bubble’, meaning phased break and lunch times for our juniors (8 to 12 year olds) and seniors (13 to 17 year olds). Tutors are assigned a bubble for the week, and these will be typically made up of four classes (around 30 students)
  • Risk assessments: Full risk assessments will be  carried out. 
  • Compliance: Children who are unable to follow COVID-19 safety instructions will be asked to stay at home.
    • Travel: if any students have been abroad in the previous two weeks, we will ask on day 1 for confirmation that they’ve had a negative PCR test since returning to the UK. 
    • Insurance: our employer’s liability and public liability does cover us to operate our holiday camp this summer. However, our insurers will not cover our employees or your children if they were to contract COVID-19 at our camps. Therefore, by bringing your child to our camps you are agreeing that we will not accept any liability if your child was to get COVID-19 at our camp. We are doing everything that is within our control to make your child’s days with us as safe as possible as you will see from our camp safety procedures.
    • Equipment: we will use hardware for some courses, and this will be sanitised daily (in the case of Digital Music Production) or use named, disposable headsets for the student to own and take home (on Junior AR/VR) 
    • Parent attendance: We have considered running some specific parent and child camps but apart from that parents are not allowed to stay with their children during camp. They should not go beyond the sign in desk and not take them out at lunch etc. Parents are typically invited to attend final presentations on the last day. However, this will be reviewed on a weekly basis based on Covid circumstances, at Fire Tech’s discretion. If Fire Tech decides the final presentation cannot go ahead in person, we will record it and send the video to families following the course.
      • Course cancellations:
          • If the customer cancels/ changes plans: customers will be able to change their booking up to two weeks in advance of the course start date, either to a different in person course or onto one of our popular online courses
          • If Fire Tech cancels: should Fire Tech have to cancel camps - owing to changes in government guidelines, a venue’s decision to cancel in person events, or any other reason -, all customers will be offered the chance to rebook onto our online courses (running all summer), or alternatively course credit or a full refund, whichever is most convenient for them 
        • If there’s an outbreak
          • All impacted students will be sent home to isolate, including all students in that bubble
          • Everyone in their bubble will be notified, and their parents parents will be notified of the outbreak by Fire Tech
          • If symptomatic, we will promote the need to get tested. If someone tests positive for COVID-19 everyone in the bubble is notified to self-isolate.
          • Isolating students will then have the opportunity to continue learning from home on the same course via our online classrooms
          • Fire Tech will not issue any refunds in the event of an outbreak

              For any further questions, please get in touch via info@fire-tech.com or by calling 020 3950 7310.